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Speaking Engagements

Dietitian Dish LLC offers a variety of nutrition sessions for children and adults alike.

Whether you're looking for cooking demonstrations or for a lunch and learn,

Dietitian Dish has it all! In-person presentations can be delivered in the following formats, but are not limited to:

Adult Cooking Demonstrations (no equipment necessary)

Child Cooking Demonstrations (no equipment necessary)

Lunch and Learn for Corporate Companies

Wellness Challenges



If you're looking for nutrition education to be provided to your audience, the following topics are proposed:

  • Special Events

    • National Nutrition Month​

    • Nutrition for the Holidays

    • Registered Dietitian Day (2nd Wednesday of March)

  • General Nutrition and Wellness

  • Worksite Wellness: Incorporating Health Practices into the Office and Beyond

  • Addition Over Restriction: Why Adding Foods to Your Diet is the Best Nutrition Practice of the Future

  • ‘I Don’t Have Time’ : Incorporating Nutritious Foods When You’re Strapped for Time

  • Nutrition on a Budget

  • Dispelling Common Nutrition Myths and Nutrition Trends:  How You Can Stay Current with Nutrition Information

*I also offer virtual presentations . Please fill out the contact form, provide the topic of choice, the number of participants, and I will get back to you with my pricing


As of May 2024, I am listed as a Wellness Expert on WellMeRight! Book a virtual session with me by clicking the badge to your right

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