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I'm Patricia, a registered dietitian and nutrition educator. I graduated with my Nutrition and Dietetics degree with a double minor in Biology & Psychology from Rutgers University in 2019. I completed my Dietetic internship & Masters Degree in Sports Nutrition and Entrepreneurship with Wellness Workdays and Simmons College in 2021. Since becoming a dietitian, I have worked in many areas of nutrition including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, critical care, sports nutrition, weight loss surgery and more. I was inspired to start Dietitian Dish LLC through my work experience, my time spent reading books, and traveling abroad in my personal life. During this time, I saw people around the world leading fulfilling, healthy lives at all ages without the restrictive eating behaviors and extreme exercise regimens practiced in the United States. I hope my work and background helps others understand that nutrition can include all foods and movement for long term health results .

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